Combinatorial Optimization at Work II took place at ZIB from September 21 to October 9, 2009 with 105 participants from 23 countries.


Mon Sep 21, 2009Welcome to CO@Work
11:00-12:30MGLinear and integer programming: an introduction
14:00-15:30MGBasics of polyhedral theory, flows and networks
16:00-17:30MGThe Travelling Salesman Problem and its applications
Tue Sep 22, 2009Introduction to the ZIB Optimization Suite
09:00-10:30CR,AWPorta and Polymake
11:00-12:30SHBasic concepts of SCIP
14:00-15:30IPG The ZIB Optimization suite: SCIP, Soplex, Zimpl
16:00-16:30TKReal world data
16:30-17:30TKRefreshing C for SCIP programmers
Wed Sep 23, 2009Theory of combinatorial auctions and auction practice
09:00-10:30MGIntroduction to different types of auctions
11:00-12:30RBTheory of combinatorial auctions
14:00-15:00MG,TK,DHCombinatorial auctioning of transportation contracts
15:15-18:00RB Resource constraint shortest paths
Thu Sep 24, 2009Advanced Linear Programming
09:00-10:30BBSolving LPs in practice 1
11:00-12:30BB Solving LPs in practice 1 (part 2)
14:00-15:30BBSolving LPs in practice 2
16:00-17:30BBSolving MIPs in practice 1
Fri Sep 25, 2009Advanced Mixed Integer Programming
09:00-10:30BBSolving MIPs in practice 2
11:00-12:30BBSolving MIPs in practice 3
14:00-15:30BBSolving MIPs in practice 4
16:00-17:30BBReal Time Applications
Sat Sep 26, 2009Programming in SCIP I
09:00-10:30KW,TBVariable selection, branching rules, and constraint handlers
11:00-12:30IPG Exercise: How to implement constraint handlers I
14:00-15:30IPG Exercise: How to implement constraint handlers II
Mon Sep 28, 2009Australia Day
09:00-11:00CB,YCTelecommunication transmission radius in wireless ad-hoc networks
11:30-12:30CB,YCEquipment selection for surface mines I
14:00-15:00CB,YC Equipment selection for surface mines exercise
15:00-16:00AB,AGOpen pit mining production planning
16:30-17:30AB,AG Open pit mining production planning exercise
17:45-18:15BB Starting a Company I
Tue Sep 29, 2009(Commercial) Solvers: state-of-the-art
09:00-09:15HM Introduction
12:00-12:45EAMOSEK and Interior Point
15:30-16:15EAConic Quadratic Optimization
16:30-17:30MHInteger Programming at Siemens
Wed Sep 30, 2009Programming in SCIP II
09:00-10:30TB,KWCuts and heuristics
11:00-12:30IPG Exercise: How to implement primal heuristics
14:00-17:30IPG,TS,RB Exercise: How to implement column generation procedures
14:00-15:30SHExercise: How to implement column generation procedures (part 2)
16:00-17:30TSExercise: How to implement column generation procedures (part 3)
Thu Oct 1, 2009Logistics
09:00-10:30MGMathematical aspects of logistics
11:00-12:30BH,TOOnline optimization, elevator and service vehicle scheduling
14:00-15:30AFOptimization of school starting times and bus transport
16:00-17:30BH,AF Exercise: Preprocessing to strengthen bounds
Fri Oct 2, 2009Public Transportation I
09:00-10:30MNLine Planning
11:00-12:30PTG Exercises
14:00-15:30RBDuty Scheduling
16:00-17:30PTG Exercises
Sat Oct 3, 2009Public Transportion II
09:00-10:30RBVehicle Scheduling
11:00-12:30TSTrack allocation
14:00-15:30PTG Exercises
16:00-18:00 Ethnological Museum
Mon Oct 5, 2009Telecommunication
09:00-10:30MGCombinatorial optimization in telecommunications
11:00-12:30AB,MM,CRPlanning and optimizing large scale networks
14:00-15:30AB,MM,CR Exercises
16:00-17:30AERadio network planning and optimization
17:45-18:15TUGSStarting a Company II
Tue Oct 6, 2009 Excursion to a company
BerlinSiemens turbine production
10:00-13:00 Visit of plant and discussion
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Going to Potsdam
15:00-17:00 Visit of ViP (Verkehrsbetriebe in Potsdam)
BerlinBayer Schering
09:00-13:00 Visit of Technikmuseum
13:00-14:00 Lunch and going to Bayer Schering
14:00-17:00 Visit of plant and discussion
HamburgHHLA Container Terminal
06:00-10:00 Journey to Hamburg
10:15-11:45 Presentation of HHLA, CTA and Controlsystem
11:45-12:45 Lunch
12:45-14:15 Terminal tour
14:15-15:15 Discussion
15:15-18:30 Visit of Hamburg
18:30-22:00 Back to Berlin
Wed Oct 7, 2009Canada Day
09:00-10:30MG,TK,TS Written examination
10:40-12:00HPC,VIS Break, Visit of 3D Studio, HLRN-II
13:30-17:30MPChallenging health care OR problems
13:30-17:30MPChallenging health care OR problems (part 2)
13:30-17:30MPChallenging health care OR problems (part 3)
Thu Oct 8, 2009Nonlinear mixed integer programming
09:00-09:30NWSurvey of BMS
09:30-10:00MGSurvey of Matheon
10:30-12:30SVIntroduction to non-linear optimization
14:00-15:30AFNonlinear Mixed-Integer Programming - the MILP perspective
16:00-17:30BH,AF Exercise: Linearization techniques
Fri Oct 9, 2009Finish
09:00-10:00TKReal world data again
10:00-11:00MGResults of examination
11:30-13:00MGSummary, future perspectives and closing

Legend of Speakers

ABAndreas BleyTU Berlin
AEAndreas EisenblätterZIB
AFArmin FügenschuhZIB
AGAmbros GleixnerZIB
AWAxel WernerZIB
BBBob BixbyGurobi
BHBenjamin HillerZIB
CBChristina BurtU Melbourne
CRChristan RaackZIB
DHDung HoangZIB
EAErling AndersonMOSEK
HMHans MittelmannArizona State U
HPCHinnerk Stüben&CoZIB
KWKati WolterZIB
MGMartin GrötschelZIB
MHMichael HofmeisterSiemens
MMMaren MartensZIB
MNMarika NeumannZIB
MPMartin PutermanU of British Columbia
NWNadia WisniewskiBMS
OBOliver BastertFICO
RBRalf BorndörferZIB
SHStefan HeinzZIB
SVStefan VigerskeHumboldt U zu Berlin
TATobias AchterbergILOG/IBM
TBTimo BertholdZIB
TKThorsten KochZIB
TOThorsten KlugZIB
TRTed RalphsLehigh University
TSThomas SchlechteZIB
TUGSGründungsserviceTU Berlin
VISOlaf Paetsch&CoZIB
YCYao-Ban ChanU Melbourne