Berlin 2005 block course "Combinatorial Optimization at Work"

From October 4-15 more than 100 students out of 10 countries participated in this course held at the Zuse Institute Berlin.
During this time we collected about 500 GB of data from slides, audio, video, and application data.
We will try to make all usefull material available on this website. But it will take some time.
You can browse through all currently available material here
All changes compared to the CD-ROM given to the participants are listed in CHANGES.txt.

Here is the final program of the course.

The Lectures

Linear and Integer Programming: an Introduction
Basics of Polyhedral Theory
Chip Verification
Introduction to PORTA and Poylmake
The Travelling Salesman Problem and some Applications
Scheduling Stacker Cranes and some Aspects of Logistics
Sequencing Welding Robots
Chip Design
Printed Circuit Board Production: Some Issues
From Planning to Operations: The Ever-Shrinking Optimization Time Horizon
Solving Linear and Integer Programs
The Dual Simplex Algorithm
Mixed Integer Programming
The MIP Landscap
MIP Heuristics
Presolve and Cutting Planes
Combinatorial Optimization and Telecommunication
Telecommunication Network Design
Internet Routing
Frequency Assignment for GSM Mobile Phone Systems
Capacity and Coverage Planning for the UMTS Radio Interface
Online Optimization
Service Vehicle Scheduling
Combinatorial Optimization and Transportation, Telebus
Crew Scheduling Problems
Vehicle Scheduling Problems
Combinatorial Auctions and Rail Track Scheduling
Bus Assignment
Summary and Final Remarks


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